FEM-12 SC®

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The latest agent added to the product line of safety products by the TLI Group for the fire protection industry, changes the way fires can now be safely extinguished. Now high temperature fires can be extinguished in any type of weather. No longer does the fire fighter have to stand within five to eight feet of a high temperature fire in order to extinguish it. The FEM-12 SC® extinguisher allows the fire fighter a range of 30 to 40 feet from the source of the fire. The FEM-12 SC® also presents an agent that is an environmentally safe alternative for the industry. In addition, the fire fighter no longer has to worry about breathing clouds of dust. FEM-12 SC® can now extinguish those high temperature vertical fires safely, and quickly. There is little threat of the material reigniting. Also, the fire fighter no longer has to stand over the fire for over 30 minutes to see if it is going to reignite after applying a dry powder agent. The fire fighter can now move on without worry and extinguish other areas of concern.

Applications include metal fires, such as magnesium and titanium used in aircraft brake assemblies and landing gear components. Other applications include rubber tires, aircraft engines, magnesium rims; and other structural components of the aircraft such as fiber glass, composite materials, and composite materials with honeycomb aluminum.

The extinguishing elements of the FEM-12 SC® work to reduce high temperature fires rapidly, and quickly. It coats the burning material to help in preventing reignition. Because it is a liquid vertical fires can now be successfully fought where previously dry powder was ineffective.

This material has passed the U.S Federal Aviation Administrations testing requirements for aquatic toxicity (American Society for Testing and Materials International - ASTM #E 729-96 reapproved 2002, with range finding test according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and American National Standards Institute - ANSI/UL 711 Rating and Testing of Fire Extinguishing Section 10.2 and 10.2.28.) These tests where conducted by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory for the U.S. FAA.

For further information go to www.tligroup.com or Google “tn06/26” to see a white paper jointly issued by the United States FAA and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.